virtually (Re)Sounding Place, vRSP

The vRSP project explores new, responsive, immersive, and interactive methods of experiencing a performance, as well as allowing users to explore the unique heritage places for which these performances have been created. The core project team includes Michael Price, one of the UK's most sought-after composers, known for EMMY-winning
compositions for BBC's Sherlock and Unforgotten, together with
DMM’s Kirk Woolford and Tony Myatt.

The project builds on the team's expertise in site-specific performance, 3D audio recording and (re)construction, performance capture, live imagery, video game development tools virtual and virtual/augmented/mixed reality.

For more information, please see the project website at

Kirk Woolford

Reader in Digital Media Arts, and director of University of Surrey's Centre for Emergent Media. Woolford has a hybrid background with 35 years of industry and academic experience.