Jinn Sand Dance

Jinn Sand Dance, 2016 from Kirk Woolford on Vimeo.

The sand dancer created for Jinn, a choreomusical work conceived and performed by Carlos Guedes, Kirk Woolford, Nella Turkki and Cristina Ioan.

Choreography and Animation: Kirk Woolford
Music: Carlos Guedes
Dance: Nella Turkki
Flute: Cristina Ioan
Sound recording & technical assistance: João Menezes

More information on the Jinn performance is available at: carlosguedes.org/2016/04/04/jinn/

The Animation is a real-time recording played live from Unity3D. The piece exists in linear video, VR, and AR formats.

Kirk Woolford

Reader in Digital Media Arts, and director of University of Surrey's Centre for Emergent Media. Woolford has a hybrid background with 35 years of industry and academic experience.