swimming in light.
the body becomes porous.
virtual space infiltrates physical space
and physicality re-shapes the virtual.

Contours is a fluid performance environment, enveloping performers, computers, images and audience within a shared ecosystem. It uses infra-red cameras, computer vision, and motion analysis to convert the movements of live performers into imagery which is projected both into the space, and onto the performers themselves. Contours aims to move beyond the hype surrounding virtual technologies in performance and to create a performance which is genuinely interactive.

During performances, up to 50 audience members at a time climb onto a custom built, reactive, stage. The stage allows the audience to follow the performance as the movement progresses from the floor, across the volume, and through to suspension at the top of the space. The movements of the performers are observed by computers and translated into images projected onto the floor, a 360 degree screen and the performers' bodies.

contours moves away from contemporary 'cyber' aesthetics of saturated colors and polygons. It uses a minimalist aesthetic to make the technology less obvious and focus the audience's attention on the performance. It rides on the assumption that the borders of bodies are permeable, and that the visual, aural and kinetic senses entwine. When duets occur they are across bodies and liquid light; across senses.


Contours is created by Mesh Performance Partnerships, a collaborative group of artists from dance, photography, computer programming, architecture and music.