There is no pre-recorded imagery.
Everything is live -- created by the movements of the dancers and the shape of their bodies in space.

contours draws its name from the way it uses the shapes and contours of moving bodies to generate imagery. It is fully reactive and interactive. The performance space responds to the movements of the performers. At the same time, the performers find their movements influenced by response of the imagery.

It uses infra-red cameras pointed at the dancers from different positions and locations. The cameras are connected to a computer that analyses the video signals and creates imagery by interpreting the video signal and movement in different ways. The software was either written specifically for the performance or modified as the choreography developed. The software is designed to be used as an intrument. During performances, it is 'played'. Its sensitivity and responses are changed as the performers change their forms of movement.

The performance is broken into sections using varying amounts of motion analysis and abstraction. In the first section, the computers draw traces of whatever they see moving. The second section moves pixel "snow" across the stage with the speed and shape of the dancers. The final section projects a grid on the part of the dancer's body moving most aggressively.