contours is an international co-commission of: the University of Surrey's Choreographic Laboratory (Guildford, England), south east dance agency (Brighton, England), SK Culture Foundation, Cologne, Academy of Media Arts, (Cologne, Germany), Dance Department of the Cologne Academy of Music together with the Ministry of School and Science of the land North Rhine-Westphalia (Cologne, Germany)


contours is created by Susan Kozel (performance), Kirk Woolford, (installation design/programming), Ruth Gibson (performance), Horatio Monteverde (architecture) and Leon Cullinane. Original music is commissioned from Jonny Clark. Mesh Performance Partnerships are a unique group of artists leading the field in creating new dimensions in digital technology and live performance.

Linda Jasper of South East Dance Agency (SEDA) provided invluable help in administration, promotion and tour management required for the development of the project.


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